Useful Information

Student additional support

Every student is precious to us and wanting every individual to succeed means that our teachers do their best to find time outside of class to help them. If a student is struggling, we want them first to work hard themselves, to develop resilience and the ability to solve their own problems. If they still need help, we want them to work interdependently and collaboratively with their peers. If they are not sure, we want them to approach their teachers who will go that extra mile to provide extra support. However, on top of this we offer formal support in the following ways:

English as an additional language (EAL)

We have a diverse student population and we individualise our support to suit their needs. We recognise that the English levels of our students will vary a great deal and that English may not be spoken at home.

Positive bilingualism

We very much value our children’s mother tongue and we know that second-language learning is most successful when it is learnt beside, and not instead of, the first language. Therefore, we place a huge emphasis on supporting English as an additional language.

Our approach

We dedicate a large portion of our curriculum time to English, as well as having specialist EAL teachers who support our class teachers to ensure that every student can get the most from each lesson. We are also able to give individual or small-group support for those who need extra help.

Supporting students with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

At King’s Bangkok we passionately believe that all students deserve the highest possible levels of education. We work very hard to make reasonable accommodations for students with a special educational need.

We advise parents of children with special educational or physical needs to discuss their child’s requirements with us before they sit the entrance exam to enable us to make adequate provisions.

Thai Language and Culture

We borrow the best of Western practice from King’s College School, Wimbledon and we celebrate the culture and language of Thailand through Thai lessons and celebration days. We feel it important for Thai and non-Thai students to learn about Thai culture together, but they learn Thai language separately so that we can stretch the best linguists and support beginners. We develop this aspect of our education with a specialist Thai department who work with students, teachers and parents, as well as coordinating school events so that the whole school can work together as one community.