Our Campus

Our campus has been designed with parents, staff and students in mind to give our whole community the best possible facilities. We divide the campus into five buildings, each with its own unique purpose and character.


An indoor Olympic-size saltwater swimming pool (50 metres) designed with natural light and shade to ensure that students have optimal water temperature all year round, under which there are six levels of parking for parents.


An air-conditioned Sports Hall housing three full-size basketball courts, an indoor jogging track and a variety of other multipurpose spaces for all types of sports and activities. This guarantees that our students can do a number of activities and sports in any weather.


The Heart contains art and music rooms, 14 music practice rooms and a circular library with open spaces and meeting rooms to allow students to learn both independently and in a group setting. As well as this, we have a Dining Hall and a wonderful Auditorium, each with 600 seats.


We have a modern and spacious classroom block optimised for learning in the 21st century. Each year group has their own area with a communal space to enhance their learning opportunities.


With spacious classrooms of 64 square metres, an Early Years swimming pool, covered outdoor play areas, a cooking room and a beautiful splash area, there is so much to help our youngest students gain skills essential for the next stage of their education.