Primary School

Years 1 - 6


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A Great Heart Takes You Further

The formative years of Primary School are crucial for your child’s development, shaping their character and developing their thinking skills, preparing them for adulthood. At King’s Bangkok, we place special emphasis on fostering children’s natural curiosity and drive to learn through enquiry-based learning where possible. Our approach to teaching, the curriculum we offer and our co-curricular programmes, under the guidance of excellent teachers set your child up to become a well-rounded and compassionate learner.

Learners for the future

A good early years and primary education sets the foundation for children to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. It is not about ‘spoon feeding’ a student through their exams, it’s about building so much more than this. It’s about teaching students the skills they need to be successful and happy in their life and to do the best that they possibly can.

Our wider curriculum and the whole student

Academic achievement is essential, but a person is so much more than what they achieve academically. We offer children a variety of compulsory activities through our CCA programme and choice activities through our ECA programme to help them develop. The King’s Bangkok community is vibrant and there is always something going beyond the classroom activities to spark a child’s interest and curiosity.

Pastoral care and the House system

Knowing our children really well in every way is essential for us to help them develop their strengths and weaknesses. In the Primary School, the children are still taught as a class by a Form Tutor, who knows them and their families really well, but they are also part of a larger group or house which includes children from other year groups. It is really important for children to feel as if they belong to a community they are proud of. The houses meet regularly and also compete against each other in a variety of different activities. These may be creative, sporting, problem solving activities. Children are encouraged to participate in house events and there is a valuable camaraderie between students and the parents of the different houses.

Approach to learning

Learning should be inspiring and fun. Children learn through purposeful, practical experiences and they learn best if they are interested in what they are doing. We engage, inspire and encourage children through our learner profile:

  • I keep trying, I persevere
  • I am willing to take a risk and make mistakes
  • I show curiosity and creativity in my learning (I think out of the box)
  • I am proud of how I learn
  • I can think independently and work with others as a team
  • I am actively engaged in my own learning
  • I plan and find ways to solve problems until I am successful
  • I enjoy challenges
  • I think about how I can improve for next time
  • I can make decisions

Our values

Our values of Kindness, Good manners and Wisdom underpin everything we do at King’s Bangkok and they are an important part of our curriculum and expectations for our children, their families and our staff. No one can be happy or successful without these attributes. In addition to being part of our everyday life at school, we also have special activities which focus on our values throughout the year.

Our teachers

Our teachers all genuinely have a passion for children’s learning. Each class is taught by a fully qualified international teacher and an Assistant Teacher who work together to support the children’s learning. We also have a group of specialist teachers to teach Thai, Mandarin, Music, Art and DT, PE, Swimming, Computing and Drama (KS2).


BA Hons, PGCE,
MBA in Educational

Welcome from the Head of Primary School

Welcome to the Primary School at King’s Bangkok. Working with children is exciting, challenging and rewarding. I believe that the Early and Primary years are so important to a child’s success later in life, as they are when a child’s character and skills develop.