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For boys and girls aged 2–17


Pre-nursery to Reception

(ages 2–5)

Early years education is such an exciting time in our children’s journey, as it provides the necessary building blocks for later in life. It is also when we see the biggest changes and developments in children. A good start to education has big effects on young people and we do not take this responsibility lightly.


Years 1 to 6

(ages 5–11)

We continue to develop the fundamental skills needed later in life and believe that this is an age group where a child’s future success can be set. It is so important to continue instilling confidence and a love of learning and thinking at this age to prepare children for the demands of their future.


Years 7 to 13

(ages 11–18)

We know the vital importance of a world-class academic education. Running deeper than this is a desire for our children to grow up happy, fulfilled and fundamentally good people. We want values of kindness and integrity to be shared by every part of the school so that children have a consistent message as they get older.

“Academic rigour is easy to achieve, but we want more. We aim to excite, inspire and develop creativity in our students.”


Ratchada–Rama 3
(2 mins from CentralPlaza Rama 3)

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