A British School in Thailand

At King’s Bangkok, where the British curriculum serves as the educational foundation, we prioritise the significance of Thai culture to provide our students with a holistic learning experience. Throughout the academic year, we eagerly celebrate the richness of Thai heritage through annual cultural events such as Wai Kru (Teacher's Day), Loy Krathong, and Songkran. These festivities are not only a testament to our commitment to cultural diversity but also a reflection of our whole-school community's active involvement. We seamlessly integrate Thai culture into our language lessons, fostering an environment where students not only develop language proficiency but also cultivate a deep understanding and appreciation for their own heritage or for that of their host country. This approach enhances the students’ overall attitude towards learning, making education more meaningful and connecting them more deeply with the cultural tapestry of Thailand.

Thai Heritage

Loy Krathong Celebrations

The Loy Krathong celebration at our school is a vibrant spectacle, blending Thai traditions into our campus life. Students, dressed in traditional Thai attire...

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Songkran Festival Activities

The entire school comes together for an extraordinary Songkran celebration, centred around the Pha Khao Ma...

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Thai Classes

Beyond mere language acquisition, our curriculum places a significant emphasis on incorporating Thai culture and history into the learning journey. Students enthusiastically immerse themselves...

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Field Trips and Residentials

Learning is not confined to the classroom of course. Our students are also immersed in a myriad of Thai cultural experiences through a series of carefully curated field trips...

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Parental involvement

Parental involvement is a cornerstone of our school community, especially in the realm of Thai activities. Parents consistently demonstrate their commitment by actively participating in various...

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