Early Years

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The Early Years Centre

In their very first years of education, children experience a curriculum that is designed to give them plenty of opportunities to develop, have fun and be challenged in and outside of the classrooms. Giving children this education requires outstanding teaching staff and world-class facilities.

According to the UK government, “a child's experiences between birth and age five have a major impact on their future life chances. A secure, safe and happy childhood is important in its own right.” Therefore, our bespoke Early Years Centre combines educational research, decades of teaching experience and innovative modern designs to fully prepare our children for their education further up the school.

The designs are centred around providing spacious and fully equipped classrooms (of no less than 64 square metres) which give students space to explore. In addition, we have developed rich and varied outdoor spaces to ensure that our students spend time in a variety of learning environments. We have large playgrounds, a climbing wall, bicycle tracks, an Early Years swimming pool, a splash area and a personalised section of the main library. This gives us the tools to offer truly world-class education which will ensure that every student is ready for the next key stage of their learning.

Outstanding teaching staff

In the Early Years all students are taught by at least one fully qualified international teacher and every class has an assistant teacher who is adept at speaking both Thai and English to help students who are learning English as an additional language. The Early Years  classes are also supported by a team of nannies to help ensure that children are cared for throughout the day.


We enable our students to study Mandarin from Reception onwards. Mandarin is fun, interesting and incredibly important for the modern world. Studies have also shown that starting to study languages early is incredibly advantageous for children later in their education.

The transition to Key Stage 1

Year 1 students move out of the Early Years Centre to join the older students in the Primary School. They benefit from specialists and classroom teachers, while keeping the Early Years philosophy and structure and support of a class teacher.

A curriculum underpinned by our values

The children study an exciting and challenging curriculum that develops individual abilities and fosters independence, curiosity and creativity. We also ensure that all students become respectful, tolerant, kind and caring individuals who are sensitive to the needs of others. These values run throughout our school.

A curriculum from one of the world's most academically successful schools

King's Bangkok is aligned with the philosophy of the curriculum of King's College School, Wimbledon as this has proved to be extremely successful for children, both academically and in creating students who are inspired and involved in the classroom and beyond. In all year groups King's College School, Wimbledon broadly follows the Early Years Foundation stage and the UK government's national curriculum which has been devised by educational experts and was has a proven record of producing outstanding alumni with a number of talents.

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Raj Ladva
Head of Early Years

BSc Psychology
PGCE Early Years
NPQM Leadership

Welcome from the Head of Early Years

Welcoming you to the beginning of your child’s learning journey here at King’s College International School Bangkok is both a privilege and a pleasure. The Early Years is where kindness, creativity and resilience are born, supported by a wonderful community of nurturing staff. From our housekeepers and nannies to the assistant teachers and teachers, every one of us is here to support you and your children have an incredibly positive start to their school experience.