Celebrating the Arts

Academic excellence is a key part of our education, but imagination and artistry is equally important to us. We want all of our students to develop the skills to be creative and imaginative thinkers with enquiring minds. We want students to have the opportunity to gain confidence and enjoyment from the creative and performing arts in our school. We truly believe that these skills enrich every aspect of school life as well as providing them with the experience and knowledge for their lives beyond the classroom.





Art and DT

Art and Design Technology are important aspects of our curriculum, as they encourage students to come up with their own solutions and experiment with different colours and media. The development of creativity and discovery of how to learn from mistakes help students develop as individuals and grow in confidence.


With our black box theatre, our Great Hall and our amphitheatre, students are able to perform in world-class facilities. In drama, we provide students with opportunities to develop their creativity and language skills whilst working collaboratively on productions and roleplays. With the possibility to take roles, either on stage or backstage, there is something for everyone to engage with and ultimately bring the school community together to celebrate the efforts of our students.


Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity, and one that we foster at King’s Bangkok. Everyone sings, music is heard around the school and all students have an opportunity to play instruments and perform in music concerts, choral festivals and special assemblies. Established groups include rock bands, choirs, chamber ensembles, not to mention highly skilled peripatetic teachers that cater to all instruments being taught. The facilities at the school are world class and include an incredibly well resourced music suite, 14 music practice rooms, a 625 seat performance auditorium as well as a black box theatre for recitals and smaller ensemble performances. Our high quality music education will engage and inspire students to develop a love of music and increase their self confidence, creativity and sense of achievement as talented musicians.

Our approach

In all of these subjects, our students are inspired by contemporary practice and the heritage of different cultures. The arts form a significant part of our curricular and co-curricular programmes where our students will benefit from expert teachers to lead them in these areas.

World-class facilities

Students will benefit from bespoke art, design technology and music rooms, as well as our auditorium with 625 seats designed for student music and drama productions.

In the future, “individuals will be rewarded for the capacity to think critically, solve problems, and take advantage of new technologies. Schools will therefore need to teach flexible thinking rather than emphasizing memorization; they will need to show students how to cooperate and work with individuals with different backgrounds as well as to compete, and will need to nurture the ability to challenge, confront, and critically appraise differing ideas.”