Headmaster's Message

Our students will leave us with the academic qualifications desired by the top universities in the world and a range of skills and interests which will give them a balance in their lives between work and play. They will have the confidence and creativity to make a difference in the workplace, and an education in the importance of valuing people, working hard and doing the best for yourself and the community you are part of. Everything we do for our students will be based on the values that King’s College International School Bangkok holds dear.

It is this focus on character development that makes us so popular with parents, because we know that all we want for our children is happiness and a great heart. We are building a community of good people who will create much more than just a school.

A school is merely a set of buildings designed to put knowledge into people’s brains, but King’s Bangkok is a place where we focus on the heart because the mind will follow afterwards.

A school is a place where people go to learn from books, but King’s Bangkok is a place where everyone learns from each other. The students at King’s Bangkok will teach us as much as we will teach them.

A school is a place on a map whose influence stays within its walls, but King’s Bangkok is wherever our students are and the good work they do when they leave us.

King’s Bangkok is not just a school; it’s a community and it’s a community centred on kindness. We are honoured to be building a place where children will grow up with these values. If you want the same things that we do I hope that you will apply to join us and we look forward to welcoming you to our campus soon.



BA Physics (first-class honours)
and PGCE, Oxford University