27 May 2024

King’s Bangkok Academic Excellence Scholarship

King’s Bangkok Academic Excellence Scholarship

King’s Bangkok Academic Excellence Scholarship

The King’s Bangkok Academic Excellence Scholarship is a unique opportunity to gain access to a world-class, academically rigorous education following the British curriculum. This opportunity is designed to widen access to a King's College School’s education for the most able students who would otherwise face significant financial barriers. Successful candidates will be prepared for excellence in public exams and wider co-curricular opportunities and will therefore have access to the best universities in the world.  

The scholarship is aimed at academically outstanding students entering Year 10 or Year 12 in the academic year 2024/2025 starting from August 2024. Successful scholars will receive full fee remission, uniform, all learning equipment and devices and other relevant support until graduating in Year 13. When the scholars gain access to a qualified university, they will be entitled up to an additional one million Baht to support their further study. 


Who’s eligible?

Students who:

  • Demonstrate a high level of proficiency in English

  • Have maintained a consistently outstanding academic record

  • Are studying at school in Thailand


We warmly welcome applications from students studying in other schools here in Thailand. More information about terms and conditions will be available on request. 

*This scholarship will be reviewed each year and renewal will be dependent on the successful candidate meeting the high standards expected of scholars.



The 100% scholarship covers:

  • Application fee, Registration fee, Security Deposit and Tuition fees at King’s College International School Bangkok 

  • Uniform and other learning equipment and devices at King’s College International School Bangkok

  • Public examination fees for IGCSEs and A levels

  • Compulsory school trips

  • Insurance cover for accidents

  • School lunch during term time

  • Additional scholarship to continue studying in higher education up to one million Baht


          KEY DATES          

   Monday, 8 April to Monday 27 May 2024 (At 4:00 PM)  


Submit your application online (The link will be activated on Monday, 8 April).

You may apply as early as you are ready. Early applications may be reviewed earlier and hence learn the decision sooner. 

As a part of the reviewing process for shortlisted candidates, some applicants may be further required to undertake online interview questions. You will be notified via email if you are required to do so at any time after you submit the application but before 27 May.


   Wednesday, 22 and Friday, 31 May  

Announce shortlisted candidates

For those interested, please apply by Wednesday 15 May 2024 (at 4:00 PM). The school will announce successful candidates from the first round of selection on Wednesday 22 May 2024.

Additionally, for those applying by Monday 27 May 2024 (at 4:00 PM), the school will announce the second group of successful candidates from the first round of selection on Friday 31 May 2024.


  Saturday, 8 June  

Attend Selection Day 

The shortlisted candidates will be assessed on this day. Tests include Maths, English and cognitive ability tests. 


  Wednesday, 12 June  

Decisions about the final round applicants communicated.


  Thursday, 20 and Friday, 21 June  

Final interviews

Students and parents will be interviewed separately by the scholarship committee at the school. 


  Saturday, 22 June  

Awarding of the scholarship

The awarding of the scholarship will be announced via email.


Join us for “King’s Bangkok: Pathway to an Academic Excellence Scholarship” on Saturday 30 March at 13:00. Here you will hear more details about the scholarship and life at King’s Bangkok from Mrs Sarah Raffray, Executive Principal, Mr Will Forse, Headmaster and current senior school students. Professor Sakorn Suksriwong, DBA, the Chair of the Executive Committee will answer any questions you may have regarding this scholarship and your potential journey. You may reserve your seat here. 


The School reserves its right to amend, alter, change or repeal any provision contained in this announcement without prior notice. 


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