6 September 2023

University and Careers Counselling at King’s Bangkok

University and Careers Counselling at King’s Bangkok

University and Careers Counselling at King’s Bangkok

The process of finding one’s calling in life is daunting, and the university application process can be confusing and stressful. We are here to support our students every step of the way. At the same time, we believe students must have full agency in order for this process to be successful and to prepare for successful study in university and an independent and fulfilling life. The University and Careers Office delivers up-to-date, impartial, and age-appropriate guidance to Senior School students, engages them in self-reflection, and works in partnership with each student mapping their future after King’s.

Program for Students

In Years 10-11, students undergo a series of psychometric tests which enable them to better understand their potential and identify their interests and abilities. Guided by the careers counsellor, students then review their profiles, evaluate strengths and weaknesses, and begin learning about appropriate university courses and destinations. In Term 2 of Year 11, additional focus is given to selection of appropriate A levels, development of a timeline for exams and assessments, and research on courses at universities all over the world.

In Year 12, students learn about diverse higher education options through seminars, presentations, and one on one meetings. Working with their counsellor, students identify an appropriate school list, begin brainstorming essays, developing their portfolios, and taking standardised tests, if needed. In addition, students are provided opportunities to prepare for university and independent living through enrichment activities.

In Term 1 of Year 13, students meet extensively with their counsellor to finalise their application lists and ensure everything is properly submitted. In Terms 2 and 3 of Year 13, students receive guidance on adjusting to university and life abroad and work with the counsellor to finalise their university plans and accept their offer.

Advising Parents

The University and Careers Office believes that parents are critical stakeholders in our students’ educational journey. To that end, we are committed to working with parents and ensuring they are informed about the challenges and opportunities their children face. We host multiple annual seminars for parents to inform them about different career and university trends. We value this partnership and are always happy to meet with parents 1-1 and discuss their children’s needs, although we believe that final decisions must lie with the student, or the process is unlikely to succeed.

Our Counsellors

King’s Bangkok counsellors are experienced with university preparation to diverse destinations around the world. We are members of international and regional organisations such as International ACAC and ASCA and are committed to ensuring a transparent and ethical university application process. We participate regularly in professional development activities and events. King’s Bangkok counsellors work closely with their colleagues in King’s Wimbledon to ensure we provide the best advice possible to students.

King’s Bangkok also hosts universities and organises university fairs, information sessions, and lectures to students. 

If you have any questions about the University and Careers Program at King’s International School, Bangkok, or if you are a university representative seeking to connect, do not hesitate to contact the University and Careers Counsellor, Andrei Dubinsky at andrei.d@kingsbangkok.ac.th