29 January 2021

Happy online learning experience

Happy online learning experience

King's Bangkok is ready to welcome back our students from their happy online learning experience.

Even though our students have had to learn online for a whole month, we have provided a seamless transition from Term 1 to Term 2. Our Headmaster Thomas Banyard and Head of Pre-prep Helen Searle, along with all of the teaching staff at King’s Bangkok, have worked together to make online learning interesting, so that students are more likely to participate and can continue to progress.

From the survey released during this period, 98.2% parents have been satisfied with the online learning experience, 96.3% have felt supported by the school, 100% said that their children have been well taken care of by the class teachers, and 99.4% rate our teaching as good to excellent.

King’s Bangkok is grateful to all parents and staff for working through during these difficult times together. We have missed our smiling and cheerful students. We are now ready to welcome students back to campus again, where our mission to develop great hearts will continue.


From the survey since the inception of online learning, 
100% of parents have noticed well support by the class teachers
99.4% rate the teaching and learning as good to excellent
98.2% of parents were satisfied with online learning
96.3% felt supported by the school during the school’s closure

Since the inception of online learning, we have found that our students have submitted 23,360 pieces of work, which have all been checked by their teachers, with a total of 19,335 comments.

King’s Bangkok encourages students to read. In addition to our class teachers, we are fortunate to have highly qualified ATs. All ATs have bachelor’s degree and a third graduated with a master’s degree. They read at least twice a week with children, who are paired up or separated into small groups.

Students may feel bored if they are doing the same things repetitively, so we release new activities every day; for example, the PE department creates new fitness video every day to encourage students to exercise, have fun and stay healthy. As of now, we have 60 videos about staying fit. Moreover, for Early Years students, parents can listen with their children to pre-recorded stories, where our Headmaster, teachers and librarian read for students. Up until now, we have made 39 pre-recording stories in total.


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