King’s Bangkok Education Forum 2022

Career . Life .
Social Values .

The first education forum from King’s College International School Bangkok for students in Years 10–13 (or equivalent) is designed to spark their passions to further develop and prepare themselves for future careers with an impact-driven mindset.

Learn through life lessons and experiences shared by a group of successful veterans and talents
through a series of talks that will prompt inspiring outlooks and new perspectives
for career, life and social values in the future.

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King’s Bangkok Education Forum 2022 is an educational platform for students in Years 10–13 (or equivalent) that aims to equip them with inquisitive minds. This will inspire their paths for the future, expand their horizons, and help them to develop themselves in a way that will create changes and a better society.

Students will learn about speakers’ wide-ranging and industry-leading experiences across different life paths under the themes of career, life, and social values. The speakers will focus on passing on knowledge gained from working in global organisations and studying at world-class universities.

In addition, the proceeds from the event will be given to charity (without deduction of expenses)
to further benefit society.


Broaden Your

On Work, Life and Social
Values from inspiring

Design Your

With opportunities,
possibilities, and plans
for the world-class universities.


Discover the education
that encourages students
to find themselves.

Over the course of two days, you will learn from a number of professional and experienced speakers on their own life and view of the world. Our diverse range of speakers will be giving a series of talks sharing life lessons and advice with students, and presenting them with other perspectives. Being faced with new ideas will help students to examine their own ways of thinking and will allow them to prepare for their futures by incorporating fresh ideas into their individual approach to life.


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8.00am-5.00pm (Mon-Fri), 9.00am-3.30pm (Sat) Office closed: Sundays, public holidays